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  • Caitrin McElroy

The Minimalism Game | The Final Tally

We made it to Day 30 of the Minimalism Game! Another 465 belongings - gone.

I assumed this month would turn out one of two ways: either I’d feel like a pro and breeze through, or it’d be an entirely new experience. A few days in I quickly realized I didn’t feel like a pro, so then I kept waiting for the “enlightenment” moment.

I thought I’d feel different this time around. And while I thought I’d have the same anxieties, the same battles, the same reactions, I also thought I’d have one pivotal moment of realization that served as my learning moment for the month.

(I’ve mentioned I romanticize things before, right?)

Here’s the feeling I wasn’t expecting: these past 30 days felt more like a routine than anything else. I did have some of the same battles, but the wins came far easier than before. I found myself thinking yesterday that all that Jonathan and I just went through this month would’ve come to us naturally. So while this game didn’t come with any big, sweeping realizations this time around, it did give me my greatest minimalist payoff yet: the realization that with time, practice, and patience, minimalism comes easier every day.

If you played with us this month, or you plan on playing in the future, keep in the back of your mind that it’s not about the number of things you chuck. If you can walk away even a week into the Minimalism Game feeling resolved and satisfied with your minimalism journey, then you’ve accomplished something great.

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