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Welcome to Gozar.

Home of the Minimalist Coach.

Gozar was founded by Maria Teresa Shephard, a certified teacher with a background in psychology and tenure in Tech. Here's a letter from the founder:

"First, you've come to the right place. Whether you stumbled across my business, or you sought advising intentionally - I'm glad you're here. I want you to know before you read any further: I am not your stereotypical minimalist, nor is this your average consulting company. 

The work I do is elimination based. What does that mean? Simply put, it means I help you identify what is in your way so we can get rid of it, both literally and figuratively. With me specifically, this can look like a few things:

  1. Professional Consulting

    • Reducing miscommunication and ineffective feedback.

    • Building your digital toolbox for operational excellence.

    • Curating your go-to strategies for thought leadership & influence.

    • Writing the narrative of your personal brand in the workplace.

    • Developing meaningful relationships at, and with, work. 

  2. Personal Coaching

    • Redefining the relationship between productivity and identity.

    • Decoupling "stuff" and self-worth.

    • Uncovering distractions that diminish fulfillment. 

    • Reframing expectations to yield attainable goals.

    • Decolonizing success to map out your actual priorities. 

It sounds intimidating; I know. That's why I'm here. I'll get you through processes you thought were too difficult or daunting to confront by yourself.

I'm truly looking forward to working with you. Let's do the damn thing.



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About the Founder

Maria Teresa Shephard

As the daughter of immigrants, I was raised frugally. However, I also know that when things became more stable, my family had the tendency to accumulate duplicates and adopt mindsets that catered to"just in case", also known as scarcity mentality. This led to distractions and behaviors that were unfulfilling. 

It was difficult, but I was able to unlearn those habits with time and practice. I choose only to keep what serves me based on needs assessments and growth strategies. 

I am passionate about teaching this skill to those who seek to learn it. Let's collaborate to design your personal satisfaction metrics. 

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