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My Letter to Unemployment

If no one is hiring me, I choose to hire myself.

Starting today, I am launching a consultancy for professional and personal #development centered on my own minimalist methodology. I aim to help people grow in ways that are agile, intentional, and fulfilling.

Here’s what I ask of you:

1. Take a 5 minute break & watch the video *with sound*.

2. Visit my website & see what I offer that could solve a problem for you today.

3. Book time with me to chat about it.

4. Download the resources I have created for your immediate use.

5. Sign up for my monthly newsletter so I can light up your inbox with content that won’t drain your emotional batteries (including free materials!).

6. Share this post & my website with 1 friend or colleague who is struggling to stay motivated right now.


We will persist despite the odds. When the time comes, we’ll look back on this moment and know we did the best we could without a playbook. But we have to do it together.

Let’s start today.


Maria Teresa

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