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July 2018 | The Minimalism Game

We’re starting the Minimalism Game tomorrow!

I first heard about it from The Minimalists, and gave it a shot exactly two years ago. I highly recommend reading the original blog (link above), but for a quick rundown of the rules:

1. Grab a friend who’s down to minimize. (This is for accountability and friendly competition!)

2. Donate, sell, or throw away the number of things for the day of the month you’re on. (Day 1, one thing. Day 2, two things. Etc. etc.)

My first time, I got rid of 465 belongings in one month.

Most people cringe at the idea of getting rid of that many things, and it’s because parting with our stuff is just downright uncomfortable. At some point in time I chose that picture frame/vase/t-shirt/whatever because I had a need for it, or I just liked it. I saw value in the thing, I thought “this is MY style,” and then I spent my hard-earned money to buy it for myself. And now I’m being asked to just give it away?


The great thing about the Minimalism Game? You don’t have to make it all the way to the end; just make it as far as you can. And if you’re playing with a friend, reward yourselves with an experience at the end. A nice dinner, a trip to the movies, a round of mini-golf - whatever brings joy and value to both of you. (And if you’re into the competition aspect, the person who ends the game sooner pays for that experience!)

Since the first time I played the Minimalism Game, I’ve played the game once more (another 465 things), met my husband Jonathan, moved, got married, and...accumulated more stuff. So it’s time for Jonathan and I to play the Minimalism Game.

Our founder Meg Shephard will be joining us in this challenge for the month of July...will you? Comment below if you plan on playing along!

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