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Ruthless Minimalism

As I did my morning sweep of LinkedIn articles, I found a quote that struck me: “The hardest thing in the world to simplify is your life because everything is pulling you to be more and more complex.” - Yvon Chouinard

This could not resonate with me more. From my personal life to my professional life, everything is challenging me to streamline.

Cram more data into a shorter report.

Get more tasks completed in a shorter time period.

Take more time away from work yet get more done in those free hours.

This simply does not make sense.

When I take a step back from the ledge of panic, I realize that complexity is fine and I don’t need to be intimidated. What’s not fine is me complicating what’s innately simple. We often call this act introspection or reflection, when in fact we are just ruminating on what’s toxic, convoluting our reality.

Sometimes, things really are simply what they are.

No subtext. No abstraction.

So this week, I challenge myself to revel in the splendor of simplicity, starting with monotasking and saying less.

I’ll try it.

Will you?

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